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Sealant Application The Way It Should Be

Sealcoating & Crack Sealing

Protect your asphalt with sealcoating applied by Cavalier Paving & Seal Coating. Sealcoating is a method of preserving asphalt paving. Not only does it give the dark black appearance back to the asphalt, but it also works to fill in rock pockets on the surface to prevent surface deterioration. You have a large investment in your asphalt, protect it! Contact us to learn more about our installation and repair services.

SealMaster™ Sealcoating

We use SealMaster Coal Tar Emulsion & Asphalt Based Pavement Sealer to add longevity and give your asphalt a clean, professional look. SealMaster Sealer contains a select grade of refined coal tar pitch to prevent deterioration caused by rain, sun, gasoline, and other chemicals. Hand-applied by brushes, our sealant application will adhere properly and last longer. Every job backed by our Two-Year Written Guarantee!

Unique Sealant Application Process

Most contractors use a spray wand, which only distributes a fine mist of sealcoating. We bring 1000-gallon tanker trucks onto the lot and open the valve. The sealer pours out onto the parking lot. We then use 5-foot camel hair brushes to distribute the sealer. This ensures the parking lot absorbs the maximum amount of sealer. 

We can guarantee your parking lot will receive more sealer than any other application. With the brush method, the sealer is "pushed" and "pulled" until the parking lot is completely covered in two to three coats of sealer!

Hot Tar Crack Sealing

Cracks are the major cause of parking lot and driveway deterioration. We offer hot tar crack sealing for your asphalt. Cracks will be cleaned, and the hot tar crack sealer will be funneled into each crack. This allows room for expansion and contraction to guarantee no moisture seeps into the sub-base.

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